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Essential Recommendations From a Dog Bite Lawyer

I am a dog bite lawyer, not an expert as a psychiatrist but I find that consultations with psychiatrists are usually helpful in dealing with traumatic experiences. Settling a civil lawsuit is always a good way to close a chapter on bad situation, and it’s a good tool to bring closure to a case, but folks should just understand that I try to be as clear as I can at the beginning and be as upfront as possible with my clients. I explain the entire process and what their expectation should be with regard to economic compensation and how long the case will take.

What Should A Client Bring For the Initial Consultation and What Should they Look For?

They should bring photographs of the injuries and scars, the area where the dog bite occurred, the dog itself, the home where the dog belonged and copies of documents referenced with regard to the citations and government authorities that were notified of the dog bite.  Those are always helpful when starting the case.

They should ask any dog bite lawyer they’re considering representing them; how many dog bite cases he or she has handled in the past successfully, whether they can help the victim find a good plastic surgeon to do scar revision, or a good psychiatrist to help resolve the traumatic emotional issues that may have developed.  You want a lawyer with the financial capacity to fund the litigation, including the cost of an expert, who can testify about the dog as well as the training or handling of the dog as well.

The most important thing is to be careful who you talk to after a serious dog bite case; don’t sign anything and seek legal counsel immediately because, when it involves a dog, a dog can easily be removed from the house and people can always deny ownership of the dog; you want to call the authorities as soon as possible and inform them of the location of the dog, the owner of the dog and anything else that will help you prove who owned the particular dog.

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