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What Is The First Step Someone Should Take In A Personal Injury Case?

The first step the person should take to pursue a personal injury case is to do his research and find a qualified lawyer with experience in that particular area. The person must take the time to schedule a meeting and sit face-to-face with a prospective attorney, interview him, and obtain the confidence he needs to move forward with the personal injury claim.

The client must obviously protect himself and his health and seek medical attention as soon as possible, regardless of having legal counsel or not. People often delay seeking medical treatment for their injuries and try to take Tylenol to deal with the pains when, in fact, they should be seeing doctors.

How Much Weight Do Photos And Pictures Have On A Case?

The answer depends on the photographs. If the person has photographs of mangled vehicles, then this documents that the crash was a horrible crash.

Photographs of bruising, cuts, and scars are evidence that can be presented to the jury to help describe how severe the accident was or how severe the injury was. Photographs are very important. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Have You Seen Situations In Which People Are Injured So Badly They Can’t Work Ever Again?

Absolutely. We have handled cases in which the person was disabled and no longer able to conduct his normal line of work. This is especially seen when the person was involved in manual labor. Therefore, due to physical injuries or incapacitating injuries, the person could no longer work.

A vocational expert must be hired to testify in this case. Furthermore, accountants must set-forth a report stating what the future’s lost wages would be for the person.

In certain cases, the person is not only physically incapacitated. He further has the emotional trauma of being physically incapacitated. This causes the person not to be able to do his or her job, even if it was not a physical job. This could happen if the person was an accountant or a secretary.

As An Attorney, What Is The Most Difficult Aspect Of Personal Injury Cases?

The most difficult element of handling personal injury cases for victims of automobile crashes or the families of a wrongful death’s victim is definitely the emotional side of it.

It is never easy to overcome the sadness of a lost loved one. It is never easy to speak to widows or orphans about their case. It is never easy to speak to someone who you know is permanently incapacitated. These are the hardest moments for personal injury lawyers.

What Are Some Things That Make A Personal Injury Case Difficult To Win?

In many cases, liability can make a case difficult to win.

I have handled countless cases in which the police officer who conducted the investigation of an 18-wheeler accident determined that the 18-wheeler was not at-fault.

Many times, after doing investigations from my office, after the discovery process, and after depositions, it is proven that the 18-wheeler is at fault. Liability can create obstacles. These can be overcome with a good, experienced lawyer.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make After Being Injured?

We see people make mistakes all the time. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, they wait several weeks before hiring a lawyer.

One of the biggest mistakes many victims of automobile crashes make is speaking to insurance adjusters and having their conversations recorded.  As a lawyer who has handled automobile accidents and insurance companies for over 19 years, I can say that these insurance adjusters are very crafty, highly experienced, and ready to ask questions that will hurt the case.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make is trying to handle their cases, the damage to their property, and their own personal injury cases on their own. In all actuality, they are only hurting themselves.

The insurance adjuster will never act in good faith. His only job is to avoid paying money or save as much money as possible for the insurance company.

Other mistakes people make are not obtaining all the information after the crash, not seeing a doctor as soon as possible after the crash when injured, not taking photographs at the scene of the crash, not documenting information about the other driver, and failing to obtain witness information.

Would Social Media Help Or Hurt Someone’s Case?

Social media can be a killer, but it can also help a case.

I always advise my clients not to post anything on social media that is relevant to their accident. I look into the defendants or the responsible persons’ social media when possible throughout the discovery process and find out incriminating information. Perhaps I discover that the person enjoys racing vehicles, the person enjoys using drugs or alcohol, or the person has a dislike for police officers.

Things of this nature come up on social media. When this can be used against the responsible person, it is always helpful to the client’s case. However, I always ask the clients to refrain from posting anything that could be related to the accident or used against them when making a claim for personal injury.

What’s An Example Of A Risky Case?

The riskiest cases I take are the ones in which 18-wheelers cause bad wrecks, but the officer states that the 18-wheeler was not responsible.

The risk in taking that case lies in the money. A great deal of money is invested into investigations and experts, without knowing for sure if it is possible to overcome the liability issue. It’s impossible to know whether or not the officer’s opinions about the cause of the crash could be overcome.

What Would Help Someone in His Case? Is There Any Way To Expedite It?

The person shouldn’t expedite his medical treatment. He must follow the doctor’s advice and go through the prescribed therapy, make sure he is diagnosed properly, and not rush his way toward health.

The person must take his time and get back to being himself as much as possible, without rushing the case. It’s a mistake to rush the case.

The only time the person should move quickly is when preserving the evidence. This is the only reason to rush on a personal injury case.

The person must preserve evidence of the 18-wheeler that caused the crash or the other vehicle that caused the crash. Many times, these vehicles are taken to storage lots, where wrecked vehicles are held pending investigation. A lawyer wants the photograph of the 18-wheeler observed by an expert as soon as possible.

Is There Any Guarantee For A Victory In Personal Injury Cases?

There is NEVER a guarantee for a victory. Any lawyer who says that a case is a guaranteed win is a bad salesperson. You should never trust anyone who is offering guarantees on personal injury cases.

The reasoning for this is because anything can happen such as bankruptcy by the insurance company or bankruptcy by the person’s responsible company. 

How Long Could A Personal Injury Case Last?

Personal injury cases vary from small fender benders to traumatic injury and wrongful death.

When the person is injured and not deceased, the injury usually dictates the length of the case. If someone was being treated for a year-and-a-half for his or her injuries, then the lawyer cannot understand the damages suffered by the client until after the treatment is over.

At that point, the lawyer is able to analyze the case. After discussion with the client, he can decide what the value and appropriate compensation is for that case.

Once the lawsuit is filed, it can take anywhere from one year to two years in Harris County courts to resolve the case. Generally, a client or a lawyer would want it to take that long so he can be sure that the injuries have resolved. Therefore, the average case would take about a year-and-a-half.

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