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How Soon After An Injury Must Someone Contact an Attorney?

The answer to this question depends on the case. Generally, however, the sooner you contact the attorney, the better.

The primary reason to contact early is for preservation of evidence. For example, when someone was a victim of an 18-wheeler crash, a lawyer could have an expert immediately look at the 18-wheeler and find crucial evidence to help the case. They could find crucial evidence like torn pages from the driver’s logs, second or third hidden driver’s log, dirty magazines, prescription medicines, bottles, and faulty equipment.

Therefore, preservation of evidence is crucial to a case. The sooner a lawyer starts working on the case, the sooner he can have an expert look at it. This drastically increases the value of the case.

Is The Statute Of Limitations The Same For All Types Of Injuries And Situations? What Does Statute Of Limitations Mean?

The statute of limitations states the length of time during which a person can still bring a lawsuit against someone or something.

In Texas, for cases for negligence, which include automobile accidents and wrongful death, a 2-year statute of limitations exists. This means that the person must bring a lawsuit within 2 years of the incident to preserve his or her rights against the responsible party.

Varying statute of limitations exist throughout the states in our country. In Texas, it is 2 years for negligence.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Attorney For A Personal Injury Case? What Is Someone Entitled to If He Wins?

If the person won, he would get all past and future medical expenses paid for. Moreover, he would be compensated for the past pain and suffering, mental anguish, future pain and suffering, and future mental anguish.

From the public policy side of the argument, these cases help ensure that the driver who caused the crash, or the company involved in supervising these drivers, would think twice about the way they do business and how they drive in the future. They would think about their safety procedures, as well. This, in turn, can prevent future disasters.

What Information Or Documents Should The Client Bring To The Lawyer?

The client should bring as much information as possible. Information about the responsible person would be very helpful to initiate a lawsuit. Therefore, any documentation about the client’s injury and the police report would be very beneficial.

Other information can be obtained by the lawyer’s office later.

Are There Ever Clients Who Get Discouraged Or Hesitant?

Fighting with insurance companies is very frustrating. A client should expect to have a battle with them until compensation.

People sometimes get frustrated. This is part of the reason why they should hire a lawyer. If they do not, then it might take even take longer, beyond the statute of limitation.

During the Initial Call, Can A Layer Give A General Idea of How the Case Might Play Out?

I have been doing this for over 19 years, and I  have handled thousands of cases. I have seen all sorts of scenarios and all sorts of injuries.

As such, I can distinguish which insurance companies will fight more than others. I can tell which insurance company will try to offer more money than others.

If I have enough information, I can even give a rough idea of how long the case will take to settle. Depending on the person’s injuries, I can tell what compensation he can probably expect.

Could an Injured Relative of the Client, Who Didn’t Have an Attorney, Work with the Lawyer At All?

In Texas, as in most states, there is the attorney-client privilege, which protects the information given by the prospective client from being disclosed to others. When a third person is brought into a conversation, that privilege might be waived.

That being said, most lawyers will keep a conversation absolutely confidential regardless, especially when dealing with elderly folks or language barrier issues with third parties.

Does A Misunderstanding Exist About How Much A Personal Injury Lawyer Costs?

In Texas, and in most states, victims of personal injury rarely have to pay attorney’s fees or attorney retainers upfront, as they would need to if they were doing a divorce or a criminal defense case.

It is common to have a contingency agreement for personal injury cases in Texas. This means that the lawyer is paid with a portion of the judgment or settlement funds.

In Texas, the lawyer usually receives one-third of the settlement when the case is resolved without litigation. He receives about 40 percent of the fee if the case does enter into litigation.

The contingency agreement is always a beneficial one because it invites the lawyer to work harder for his client. The better the result is for the client, the more profitable it will be for the lawyer.

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