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What Are the Most Common Types of Injury Cases?

We handle injuries from almost every field. The most frequent accidents are automobile crashes, which are very common in Houston. There is, unfortunately, a lot of drinking and driving here, creating many victims in Houston and in the Harris County area. Our team of top-rated Houston and Odessa TX personal injury lawyers will help you throughout the entire process!

Do You Handle Maritime Accidents?

Maritime accidents are common because we are located in the Gulf area. These cases are also known as Jones Act cases, which are injuries or wrongful deaths that occur at sea.

We handle wrongful death cases throughout Texas, regardless of the cause. These include Pharma cases, known as, “Cases due to defective medications,” even the FDA-approved medications.

Do You Handle Anything Motorcycle Related?

Yes, we also handle motorcycle accidents.

Do You Ever Handle Product Liability?

Yes, but these cases are usually Pharma cases, which involve bad medicine or bad drugs.

Do You Also Work With Medical Malpractice Or Medical Negligence?

I do not handle medical malpractice.

Have You Handled Cases Regarding Oil Field Injuries?

Yes, we have handled cases regarding oil field injuries. We have Houston oilfield accident lawyers on staff.

What Other Kinds Of Cases Do You Handle?

We also handle cases like hunting accidents and wrongful deaths. Often, this includes children going to camps where accidents happen. We have Houston wrongful death lawyers on staff.

Usually, a person in these cases can allege negligence only. Sometimes, they’re forced to allege premises liability.

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