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Qualities To Consider In An Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer

Who Are You and Which Counties Do Your Firms Cover?

My name is Heriberto Ramos, and I am a lawyer in Odessa and Houston, Texas, where I have been practicing solely in the area of personal injury for the over 19 years. I am licensed in federal courts throughout the country, and my practice handles 18-wheeler accidents and automobile accidents.

Furthermore, my practice fights with insurance companies to receive compensation for the injured victims of these automobile crashes. We have a fully-staffed office, and each of our secretaries is bilingual.

We speak English and Spanish, and because most of our clients are Spanish speakers, they feel comfortable communicating directly with me in their native language. We have primarily handled cases in Harris County, but we’ve also handled cases throughout the entire state of Texas and the surrounding states.

Why Should Someone Choose Your Firm?

In just one word, I would say “Experience.” We treat each client with honesty and respect, and we are very transparent in the way that we work.

We communicate and are always available to speak to the client. We prefer scheduling personal meetings where we can meet directly with the client to explain and advise him or her about what is happening with the case.

My staff is very experienced, as well. Most of my secretaries have been with me for over 10 years. One in particular has been with me for over 19 years.

We have also been at the same location for over 19 years, which is two blocks from the courthouse. We’ve enjoyed over 19 years of success because we put the client first. We make sure each client receives proper representation and guidance throughout the case.

What Are Some Qualities To Consider In An Odessa Personal Injury Lawyer? What Are Some Red Flags?

One of the biggest qualities to consider when deciding on a personal injury lawyer in Odessa Texas is to ensure they are focused or dedicated to the type of case the person has. They should be wary of hiring a personal injury lawyer who also handles family law and immigration law because a lawyer who is not focused on one particular field tends not to be up-to-date on recent Supreme Court rulings, recent laws, or changes in the law.

They should look at how experienced the lawyer is and whether or not they are respected in the community, whether or not they actually present cases to juries in court, and whether they have gained the respect of insurance companies, insurance defense firms, and the community.

The person should ask the lawyer how many cases they have presented to a jury and how many cases they have won during these presentations. The person should know how many similar cases the lawyer has handled and ask specific questions to find out how experienced the lawyer is. The person must also find out how many cases the lawyer has handled against a particular insurance company or a single defendant company.

Is There Any Guarantee For A Victory In Personal Injury Cases?

There is never a guarantee for a victory. Any lawyer who says that a case is a guaranteed win is a bad salesperson.

A person should never trust anyone who is offering guarantees on personal injury cases, because anything can happen including bankruptcy by the insurance company or bankruptcy by the responsible person’s company.

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