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What Are Some Misconceptions About Car and Truck Accidents?

Unfortunately, one common misconception is that some people believe if they sought legal counsel, then at the end of the day when the settlement came, the lawyer and the doctor would keep most of the money and the client would get the short end of the stick. A person dealing with ethical, quality Houston truck accident lawyers who were experienced and respected in the community would always have a transparent relationship with accurate accounting and documented and negotiated settlements as well as medical expenses.

Another misconception is that some people believe that when they are rear-ended, some of the pains in the neck or their back will go away after a few days by taking Tylenol or a painkiller. The truth of the matter is that the most common injury from that impact would be a ruptured disk in the neck or a severe herniation throughout the spinal column, which would be far more serious than what they believed, so they should seek medical attention instead of waiting for the issue to resolve itself.

Why Are Some People Hesitant To Pursue A Case?

Some people believe that it would be too much of a headache to seek medical attention so they choose to live with the pain, which is a big mistake. Someone who was a victim of negligence would have two years to bring a claim in Texas. On one side of the coin, they should not rush to make a decision. But they should make a decision promptly. This is so that firstly, the evidence might be preserved, and secondly so that they could seek medical attention. Even if someone did not feel that bad, it would be best to have a doctor check them out and verify that they were going to be okay with some physical therapy or some over-the-counter medication.

People can sometimes be hesitant because they might have heard bad stories from someone who was inadequately represented by a truck accident lawyer. They might have had a bad experience with a doctor who was referred by a lawyer, or they might have been convinced through a television commercial or political propaganda that making a claim would raise insurance premiums for everyone, which is, unfortunately, another big misconception. A person who has suffered a crash at the hands of someone else should seek counsel and let their lawyer do their job. I always give the example that someone would not treat their own eye injury; they would seek a good ophthalmologist for that.  In the same way, someone should never treat their own accident-related injury but rather they should seek a doctor to treat it. It would be the same way with legal problems: the person should not try to treat their own legal problems; they should just put it in the hands of a professional who handles legal matters for a living. Insurance adjusters do their job for a living, and a victim should not put themselves in a position to think that they could negotiate on the same level as an insurance adjuster.

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