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What Are The Most Common Questions About Auto Accident Injuries?

We find that nowadays, the use of cell phones and text messaging has become a common distraction on a straight road so a typical accident case that would result from that would be a rear-end crash. Rear-enders are very common, and they vary from minor bumps to severe crashes where the vehicle might be are totaled and people are injured. Depending on the person, whether they were elderly or a young child involved in a low-impact case, they might suffer severe injury. There have been situations where a young healthy person walked away without a scratch from a major crash, although all cases would generally be evaluated individually and assessed according to the person’s complaints. The most common type of crashes are rear-enders and occasional failing to yield right of way, which is a technical way of saying the other person ran a red light or failed to stop at a stop sign.

What Sort Of Injuries Can Be Caused By An Accident?

Common injuries resulting from rear-end crashes include disk herniation to the C-spine and the lumbar spine, although whiplash of the neck and lower back are more common injuries. Once airbags deploy there will be injuries to the face, the hands and the arms, and if the impact was hard enough seatbelts could also cause bruising in the midsection of the chest and the neck area.

Where Does Texas Lie With Regards To Fault And No Fault States?

Texas is a no fault state, which mainly means that the person’s insurance company would not be able to raise premiums on the person’s coverage if they suffered an accident someone else caused. Some policies can be written differently depending on how competitive they are, although what it means is that the person’s premiums would not go up if they made a claim for a broken windshield caused by a rock while they were driving down the highway.

What Are Some Common Serious Auto Accident Injuries?

Some of the most common serious auto accident injuries include fractures to arms and legs, fractures in the back and spine and head trauma, such as concussions. These injuries can have a significant impact on a person’s life and can cause lifelong limitations. They can also require expert medical attention, as surgery or multiple surgeries is generally needed for severe car accident injuries.

What Is The Process After Someone Gets Injured?

Once the person sat down and spoke to a lawyer, the lawyer would generally help guide the person to see a doctor or a physical therapist who would then further guide the person to any additional medical care they might need. Someone with a knee injury would probably be directed to an orthopedic surgeon who focused his practice on the knee or shoulder area. Sometimes injuries to the c-spine or the lumbar might require the attention of a neurosurgeon. The process might take a while because the human body requires time to heal, even if the person has the right doctors, but medical care or surgery would usually be the first step.

Depending on the case, the lawyer would immediately file a lawsuit, and depending on whether the liability was disputed or not, they would try to lock evidence with a “Spoliation Letter”. This letter would force the responsible person, for example the owner of an 18-wheeler, not to touch the truck until experts had the opportunity to inspect it for faulty brakes, old inspection stickers, medications that might be found in the cabin, or even drugs.

There have been situations where our biggest find was pornographic magazines in the driver’s cabin which surprisingly gave great value to the case, because it meant that the driver was distracted, because he was looking at pornographic magazines as he was driving down the highway in an 80-ton vehicle at 80 miles an hour. They would try to lock in the evidence and gather it as quickly as possible before it was lost, hidden or stolen. They would also start interviewing witnesses and obtaining statements from investigating police officers and things of that nature, which are all things that would be done on the lawyer’s side. A client would usually be pre-occupied with making sure he kept up with his doctor’s appointments, got the treatment he needed and followed his doctor’s advice.

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