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What Should Someone Do If the Other Person’s Insurance Calls?

The person should be careful not to provide recorded statements. This is the case even if liability is not at issue, because the insurance adjuster would ask questions that might affect the case later down the road.  Insurance companies might try and discourage the person from hiring a lawyer. The common thing insurance adjusters might say is that the person should not pay 30 percent or 40 percent of their money to a lawyer, because the insurance company would just pay them instead. I have honestly never seen that happen in my entire career where an insurance company voluntarily paid the victim of an automobile crash. The person would have to make a proper claim and they would have to document it with medical records and medical bills. The best thing to do is to avoid recorded statements if possible.

Would Someone Have A Case If They Had Injuries And The Other Person’s Insurance And Lawyer Were Calling?

If someone was indeed responsible for causing the accident, then depending on what type of coverage they had purchased with their insurance carrier, they may or may not have a claim to receive compensation. The person would need to have “Personal Injury Protection”, which is something that is offered by insurance companies and is paid to the owner or the occupant of the vehicle involved in the accident when they suffer injury or lose wages. It is very important to have this protection which is why I often recommend that people request their insurance agent to add PIP to their policy. It is something cheap and relatively inexpensive that should be considered by everyone.

The insurance agent might offer something called Med Pay for medical payments. The consumer should understand that for medical payment, they would receive money from a responsible third-party and they would then have to reimburse their own insurance company for any Med Pay benefits that were provided. With PIP, Personal Injury Protection, the person would receive the money from their insurance company and they would not be required to reimburse it if they were able to collect from the responsible third party’s insurance. The person would not have a liability claim even if it was their fault although they may be able to obtain some benefits through Med Pay or PIP.

What Happens In A Situation Where The Other Person Does Not Have Insurance?

A lawyer would usually check for assets by doing an asset check. There are many ways of doing that, but they would want to look for properties or businesses that the responsible person might own, so they could proceed with a lawsuit to take a judgment. An easier route would be for a person to buy uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which would cover all of their damages including pain and suffering, and mental anguish when the other person was not covered by insurance or did not have insurance as required by law. This would be the more practical and smart way of handling that situation. A consumer should ask their insurance agent to give them a quote for that specific type of coverage because it is surprisingly affordable and they would be able to get all the coverage they might need with that.

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