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What Would Be Helpful Or Harmful To A Case?

First of all photographs of the accident would be helpful, because they would show the degree of the impact. I always remind people that information might not always be accurately written or copied at the scene of the accident, so they should try to photograph the other person’s proof of insurance card, the other person’s driver’s license, and they should most definitely get a photograph of the person’s vehicle including the license plate. It would be important to try to take a picture of the scene from a distance in order to see the intersection where the person may have run the stop sign, or tire skid marks, or where broken glass may have been left behind. It would be good to get a photo of the distance a vehicle may have been pushed because of the impact. Photographs are worth a thousand words, so if possible it would be a good idea to take photographs of the inside of the other person’s vehicle. Many times the person would be able to photograph a can of alcohol or drug paraphernalia in the other person’s vehicle, items that would be crucial as evidence for increasing the value of the case.

Would It Be Helpful To Keep A Journal Of Doctor’s Visits And How The Accident Was Physically Affecting The Person?

It would always be good to document important information that might be helpful to the case. Sometimes the person might lose a lot of time from work so they would want to calendar all that time and they would want to document it, because that might eventually be part of the damages they claimed. They would need proof, and there would be no better proof than a journal and a loss of wage statement provided by their employer. The person would also want to document trips they had made to see doctors, the gasoline and the energy they spent doing that, and of course it would really help if they documented how the accident had affected their life, which would be important when proving the damages that the person was claiming.

Could Statements On Social Media Affect The Case?

We recommend that our clients never post comments on public media such as Facebook, because that information could be viewed by others and unfortunately this could affect the case negatively. Even information that was not relevant to the accident itself could be damaging. Posting items such as partying pictures involving alcohol, or making comments about drug use or racist comments can be used to attack the credibility of a person.  We always ask our clients to review their public media pages to make sure there is nothing there that could be used negatively against them.

Would Things Like Traffic Tickets Hurt The Case?

Traffic tickets are class C misdemeanors that would not be considered relevant to an injury claim. The only thing that could possibly affect an injury claim would be a recent injury claim that was also similar in nature. A good lawyer would be able to guide the person through the process in order to avoid a lot of mistakes that might be detrimental to the claim.

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