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Why Should Someone Hire A Houston or Odessa Auto Accident Lawyer If They Have Insurance?

Insurance is supposed to pay, but a person should not forget that insurance companies are also in the business of keeping their money in their pocket if possible. Remember that insurance adjusters have a job which they do for eight hours a day if not longer, in an effort to avoid paying out any more than necessary. Unfortunately, many insurance adjusters lead accident victims along and make them believe that the insurance company is willing to pay for their medical bills or reimburse them for the medical bills and that they would pay for their care fairly, whereas they actually only just drag them along for weeks.

By the time the person realized that the money was not coming and decided to hire a Houston auto accident lawyer after three weeks or a month, the lawyer would be in a position where the case would have been compromised. Negotiations might have possibly commenced and the victim of the crash would not have been able to seek prompt medical attention. This is where a lawyer could have guided a patient or a victim of an automobile crash to a good doctor who could provide a good diagnosis, physical therapy or referrals to specialists such as orthopedics and neurosurgeons if required. It is unfortunate but I can safely say that the person should not trust insurance adjusters at all, ever, because it is their job to avoid paying the person.

How Does An Attorney Actually Get Paid From An Automobile Accident?

A classic contingency agreement is the common course of business in Texas. Contingency fee simply means that the attorney’s fee would depend on the success of the case. Most lawyers in Texas would represent the person and only take a fee if they actually collected money on the client’s behalf from the responsible party’s insurance company. The usual fee would be one-third of the settlement, and forty percent if the case went to court, although most cases do settle without the need for litigation. This is a nice arrangement because lawyers work hard, and their success would be based upon the success of the case, meaning that if the settlement was larger, then their fee would be larger.

How Can Someone Decide What Sort Of Attorney To Hire For Their Recent Accident?

Not all lawyers are created equal, so if someone was seeking a lawyer for a specific type of case, then they should search for someone who was involved in that area. I would never take a divorce case or a criminal defense case because I take injury cases, but I would also accept wrongful death cases because that is my area. When seeking counsel, the person should find a lawyer who has a dedicated field that he or she practices in. There are many fine lawyers, and I am not saying that a lawyer who practices in multiple fields such as family law, criminal defense and also personal injury would not be able to do a fine job in any of those fields. However, a lawyer who practiced in one particular field would be focused and dedicated to only that field and would probably be more efficient in handling the case.

From a more practical standpoint, the person should ask friends who had actually been represented by a lawyer because they might be able to make a recommendation. The person could ask family members, if they had been represented by someone, who they might be able to recommend. They should try to get a personal recommendation and then not just hire the lawyer immediately, but sit down and talk to them, interview them and see if that lawyer gained their trust and confidence to handle the case. The person should not rush and hire a lawyer within a day or a week, although it would be smart in certain cases to do so. They would have two years to file a claim, so they would have time to interview several different lawyers and make an educated decision once the shock of the accident had passed and they were thinking clearly.

Should Someone See A Doctor Or Talk To A Lawyer First After Being Involved In A Vehicle Accident?

Someone who was a victim of an automobile crash might have injuries that required emergency care, so they should immediately go to the doctor and not worry about a lawyer until later. However if they did not have a doctor handy and they wanted to seek medical attention for a pain that was not of an emergency nature, their attorney would definitely be able to help them find one. A good lawyer would know and be able to recommend quality doctors for an automobile accident victim to see immediately, so in certain cases it would be important to call a lawyer first to help coordinate medical attention and guide the person, especially if it was a first-time accident victim, and especially if the accident victim did not have a doctor.

Can An Attorney Help Negotiate Down The Hospital And Medical Bills And Maybe Even Liens?

This would be a good reason to hire a lawyer. Lawyers for the hospital are accustomed to negotiating bills and that is sometimes the bigger job in an automobile crash, where large emergency bills would be part of the case. Every dollar that the lawyer managed to reduce from that hospital account would be a dollar more in the client’s pocket. If someone had a $60,000 bill for emergency treatment, then it would be possible and even common to get it reduced by up to 80 or 90 percent in certain cases. A person should not enter into a payment plan with a hospital unless a lawyer is helping in the negotiations.

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