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Would It Be Easy To Win Money With A Houston or Odessa Car Accident Lawyer?

Cases can vary, so it could sometimes be a very simple and straightforward case such as a rear-end crash, or there might be the occasional disputed red light case which could tend to drag out a little more. Unfortunately, some insurance companies such as Allstate and State Farm, who prefer to litigate even the rear-end crashes, will drag out the process so the person would have to sue them and they would provide defense counsel. The person would probably not get an offer that was reasonable enough to accept until the court had set the case for trial. There are all kinds of variations, and the amount of time that a case took would be affected by the type of case and also by the insurance company that was responsible.

How Long Do These Kinds Of Cases Take On Average?

The time that the case could take would depend on the injury itself. Severe injury cases could take two to three years because an attorney would not be able to properly gauge the damage while someone was still undergoing treatment, surgeries or physical rehabilitation. The attorney would not be able to know the full and final damage his client had suffered until the doctor had released him or her from treatment and provided a prognosis in addition to the diagnosis. Catastrophic injury cases tend to take up to three or even four years, although it would be different from a death case, because in a death case, they would generally be able to measure the damages based on the person’s age, earning capacity and the number of dependents in their family. They would sit with a professional economist and be able to come up with a figure as to what the final damages would be, so these cases can be settled in much less time. A regular fender-bender type of automobile accident would usually take anywhere from three months to a year to resolve.

What Would Someone Be Entitled To If Their Life Was Permanently Changed By The Accident?

If someone’s life was permanently changed by the accident, what they would be entitled would vary, depending on if there was enough coverage by the responsible person’s insurance because oftentimes there might not be. The minimum in Texas is $30,000, so a person should do everything they could to get uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, and they would be wise to buy plenty of it, because if they were injured in a way that prevented them from working for the rest of their life, then they could require millions of dollars to be properly compensated. They would not be able to get that if the other person’s coverage was a minimum $30,000 policy and the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage was also a $30,000 coverage or policy.

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